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The Santander Consumer Bank AG is a German Credit Institution in the legal form of a corporation with headquarters in Mönchengladbach. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Spanish Banco Santander S.A. The Santander Group is one of the largest banks in the world with over 133 million customers and presence in more than 40 countries. In Germany, the bank is represented by the Santander Consumer Bank AG. The Santander Consumer Bank AG has a loan portfolio of €30.8 billion and has about 5.6 million customers.

An unhappy customer shared this in a review, "This is the worst bank going, I've been trying to sort out my online and comfortcard problem for weeks in that time they have had to send me 4 letters with various codes on on and after inputting these number still no access and now I am being told they need to send out another 2 letters. I still don't have access to my online banking and all santander say is its not their fault, well sorry who's fault is it. I STRONGLY ADVISE people to go elsewhere, santander customer service is ridiculous has the people I have spoken to dont know their ass from their elbow, There are better banks out there."


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June says

"My sons and his family arrived in Turkey today, the hotel they are staying in is a dump and dangerous and every time you call them someone from India answer, or they keep you hanging on for hours, will update you on how this is resolved , if you are planning to book with this company wait for my update, the holiday was for for two adults and 2 small child cost £1,500"

Gaz says

"Horrible customer service when u call for your refund, they have no experience and provide you with wrong information everytime u call them, u wait for an hour for them to pick up and then they give u 30 sec answer when u repeat the same thing they shut the phone Rudely, they dnt even log the calls or concerns. There call centre is in India who have no manners and experience. Still have not given me a refund since March and they are avoiding any possible way disgusting."

Kyle says

"Where to begin! Booked a flight , found one, wrong place (my fault) spent over 7hours during the same day and the next day trying to cancel, was on hold for longer than ever been, had to pay charges for a day old booking even though I tried a number of times to cancel and they just wouldn't? Found out somebody else booked on my name for £2500 phoned in , nobody cares, lost the calls a few times only to never get a call back even though I was told to wait till the next day for a call so we can cancel I'm pretty sure they asked me to wait, so that charges would be applied :/"

Rita says

"They will answer the phone to take your money!! however they will keep you on hold, disconnect the call and pass you from one person to another if your needing support or help with anything else . I spent nearly 50 hours trying to sort a recent holiday that was cancelled. I had no confirmation it was cancelled from teletext. I was lied to on many occasions . I would advise others to be very careful when booking a holiday with this company. They are unprofessional and rude. I have sent around 27 emails over the last few weeks and not had one reply."

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